About Us

The principles of Circul'r Dance

About Us

Circul’r Company considers urban dance as a real revolution in the history of human movement, with highly established floorworks. Using  the non impressive,  subtle version of breakdance that can be appreciated in small cyphers, we aim at developing a poetic breakdance emphasizing on high quality movements. We explore how to adapt to a theatrical form and ask ourselves: ? Can we give life to our dance  with different metaphors or qualities? Can we travel with our dance ? Can we feel these moves with our arms only ? On the back? Standing?  Can we grow in partnering? Can we breathe together differently ?


David «Laos» Phiphak

Laos started dancing in 1993 following Karim Barouche and Hassan from Aktuel Force. Excellent in lyrical breakdance, he has trained very hard to adapt breakdance to the stage and has worked for many companies such asRégis Obadia, , Compagnie Par Terre,  La Rualité, Black Blanc Beur, Choréam, Ykanji. He is also a breakdance teacher at Juste Debout School and Micadanses  . He has given many workshops worldwide ( Japan, Spain, Sweden) and is renown for his theory about flow, drills, freestyle, breathe and weight shift .  He also earned a bachelor degree  in sociology (Université  Paris 11 ) that leads his réflexion about  habitusand symbolic/cultural wealth  and sociological issues embodied in dance.



About Bérénice «B-nice» Dupuis :

Bérénice B-Nice  started dance in Montreal. In 2008 she left Uqam contemporary dance school and moved to Paris to pursue a master degree in philosophy at La Sorbonne earning a strong conceptuel background knowledge. Member of the Canadian collective Legendary Crew , she has won  more than ten competition worldwide and expanded her experience working with  with Traffic de Styles, Anothai and Black Blanc Beur companies and various theatre shows .